The Midnight Disease

“The Midnight Disease” är ju ett betydligt tuffare namn än writer’s block, skrivblockering och skrivkramp ihop. Nu vet jag inte om det är ett allmänt vedertaget namn. Däremot vet jag att det finns en bok med det namnet som behandlar problemet.

Why is it that some writers struggle for months to come up with the perfect sentence or phrase while others, hunched over a keyboard deep into the night, seem unable to stop writing? In The Midnight Disease, neurologist Alice W. Flaherty explores the mysteries of literary creativity: the drive to write, what sparks it, and what extinguishes it. She draws on intriguing examples from medical case studies and from the lives of writers, from Franz Kafka to Anne Lamott, from Sylvia Plath to Stephen King. Flaherty, who herself has grappled with episodes of compulsive writing and block, also offers a compelling personal account of her own experiences with these conditions.

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